Sindh Government/LG’s to accelerate Garbage collection before Monsoon

Sindh Minister Information & Local Government Nasir Hussain Shah directed that door to door garbage collection process should be accelerated, he also ordered to establish new garbage stations, here on Tuesday.

According to the details, Minister Information & Local Government (LG) Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that no one would be allowed to encroach any Garbage Transfer Station as strict action would be taken against the doers.

Nasir Hussain Shah was chairing a high level meeting today in the office of Sind Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB). Secretary LG Roshan Ali Shaikh, MD SSWMB Kashif Gulzar Shaikh and other officials were also present on the occasion.

Kashif Gulzar briefed the minister about the recent developments of SSWMB in the city and told that the process of garbage collection is continued.

 He informed Minister that some Garbage Transfer Stations (GTS) have been occupied by the encroachers. Addressing the participants of meeting Nasir Hussain Shah said that Sind Government would not allow anyone to occupy even a single inch of land illegally and all the encroachers should be forcefully remove. He said that all the LEAs, district administrations and relevant departments will be instructed to cooperate with the SSWMB in order to clear the Garbage Transfer Stations from the encroachers and the responsible persons of such act would not be tolerated.

Minister LG said that special grants and facilities have been given to SSWMB so the results must be extraordinary too.

“New garbage stations must be established, door to door garbage collection process should be accelerated and a proper media awareness campaign should be initiated on priority basis. You will get our full support in removing the encroachers from the garbage transfer stations”.

Nasir Hussain Shah instructed the officials to design and implement a jointly coordinated and well defined policy before the start of the moon soon season, “All the concerned departments, DMCs and district administrations should be on one single page in order to serve the people. We won’t let our people suffer due to the negligence of any person or institution. Make a proper working plan with the consultation of all the stake holders in order to overcome the future hurdles during the raining season”.

Secretary LG told Nasir Hussain Shah that this year SSWMB would easily collect the offals from every area as all the DMCs have directed to allocate and identify a joint slaughtering point in their jurisdiction. He said that SSWMB will take the offals to landfill sites where the offals would be properly buried.