Sindh govt starts releasing wheat quota for flour mills

The Sindh government has started releasing the wheat quota to flour mills after setting up the government prices to Rs3,687.50 per 100 kilograms.

The provincial government issued a notification regarding the prices of wheat, however, it did not reduce the prices on which the mills are selling the flour to the consumers despite Rs100 per kilogram of flour set up by the government.

According to the government officials, those flour mills cannot get wheat stocks from the government go-downs which made a plea bargain with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The notification stated that the government started releasing 7,900 tonnes of wheat to flour mills from October 16.

On October 15, Sindh had notified that the wheat from government stocks will be released on a price of Rs 3687.50 per 100 kilograms. The wheat will be released to flour mills and local threshers from government stocks at the same price.