Sindh Lockdown

Eversince the news of Corona virus have hit Television it has created a sense of confusion and fear among the people of Pakistan.As we already know that Pakistan is a country known to every known crises whether its inflation,electricity or unemployment.With this new problem which has lockdown the wholeworld people within their homes have become mentally exhausted and tired.

Naveed ali brother of a Assignment Editor works in Karachi (Sindh) (Name has been changed wanted to remain anonymous)

My brother leaves the house every 7am in the morning i wake up to close the door as he leaves the house for his office as i lay down on my bed i recite Durood sharif and pray to Allah that my brother returns home safely as he is the breadwinner for our family.This corona outbreak have brought down the already crippled economy of poor people of Pakistan. People in Karachi have been seen scuffling with Sindh rangers following strict orders from Sindh Government of lockdown or arguing with police for stoping them to pray in the mosques.

Even the developed countries in these times like U.S , England and the others are struggling to fight with this pandemic as the death toll is increasing day by day in the World and World havn’t yet found the vaccine to stop the virus from further effecting the people.

Shoaib hassan
Safoora cartman

Lastyear i had been selling watermelons and profit was a huge boost for the Eid but this year it has been difficult to sell the whole cart in a single day as the work has stop people aren’t working and earning so they aren’t able to buy which is why we have been also effected. I have 3 younger brothers and a sister with my father and mother living with me in Karachi,family of seven people my house is on rent the owner has been nice this month havn’t asked for a penny but i don’t know, how iam going to adjust in the coming month.

The hospital of Karachi are now overflowing with covid-19 patients. Murad Ali Shah Cheif Minister Sindh has been urging the Federal Government to make more hospital to make people safe for this virus.