Sindh warns action against lockdown violators

KARACHI: Sindh government has warned of strict action against individuals who do not conform to lockdown rules as the country tightens restrictions and efforts to eradicate the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sindh Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah on Friday urged the public to follow government’s orders.

A handout issued on Friday quoted the provincial information minister as saying that there is no other way than to take action against people who are defying the rules of lockdown in accordance with the law.

The minister said that the decision to lock down had been taken by the Sindh government in a state of utmost compulsion, adding that the people should not consider it a curfew but the government exercising its duty of care towards citizens.

Shah added that the chief minister had repeatedly made it clear that the government did not want to adopt any drastic measures, but owing to the presence of some lawless and careless people, if things took a turn for the worse, it would not hesitate to do so.