Singapore to arrest people not observing social distancing

SINGAPORE: The government of Singapore has announced a new measure of arresting people who are found not maintaining recommended physical distance for up to six months – as fight against COVID-19 outbreak goes deep.

The city has also resorted to closing bars and restaurants and put a strict ban on social gatherings of all kinds in public.

A strict observance of social distancing trough maintaining a distance of one meter or three feet is being implemented as a new regulation.

Anyone found not conforming to the rule may face a sentence of up to six months and a fine of SGD10,000 or $7,000. The city has not gone under a complete lockdown and businesses are required to ensure a seating arrangement with one meter gap.

The city is known for a low crime rate and tough execution of laws. So far, 683 coronavirus positive cases have been reported by Singapore along with two related deaths. The administration has been able to avoid a total lockdown and continues business activity by implementing tighter distancing measures and minimizing activity that involve exposure to infection.