‘Spray and Survey’ strategy deployed against locust swarms

Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR) on Monday said that strategy of ‘spray and survey’ is underway to control the locust infestation plaguing the country, ARY News reported.

State of the art machinery has been deployed to fight the menace while airplanes and helicopters have also been deployed against the locust which continue to ravage crops in Pakistan and various parts of the world.

The ministry said that almost 20,4000 acres of land has been surveyed thus far while 49,6700 acres of land will see a control operation against existing locust swarms in the area.

Chairman NDMA said that the locust threat has gradually seen a decrease due to the migration of a large portion of the swarms to India’s area of Rajasthan.

Earlier on May 29. Chairman National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMA), Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal held a press conference to address the locust threat in the country.