Stay positive is all what needed today

By: Sana Khan Nadeem

To do’s in lockdown: Go easy on the government and support at least one poor family

It may flare like embers drawn out of a burning flag.

To many, this can be fun. To the rest of the survivals, this is a no laughing matter. A couple, next door to me, has been whining since long about the management, rather mismanagement happening at home. I was approached for the patch-up several times. The wife is handling 3 kids, a husband, and a mother-in-law. She has issues regarding the intrusion of her husband in the house matters, thus making it a fuss out of nothing at home. On the contrary, her husband has a different perspective at the whole. He moaned as his wife doesn’t like his unnecessary meddling in home management, the questioning upon utility bills, groceries, and all. He is of the view to manage home his ways, as he is the only breadwinner. But the wife is determined to handle home, the way she feels appropriate as she looks after the home & spends more time with in the home knowing better all. Imagine, if a house of 6 , cannot resolve some easy-breezy matters who’ll , how can one anticipate the whole country of 22 to 23 billion will be managed with a finger-clip by the man in command , The PM , of the state.

In the course of this pandemic, where the whole of the world is suffering from pain & wrench, Pakistan is putting heads-up to call the shots and measures taken to minimize the effect of situation in the country. I am not supporting any political lead, but I can perceive how the government is on the run trying to alleviate the country-men as much as they can. The measures like Corona-relief Fund, organizing active Tiger task force teams and many others out there at provincial and town levels as well , are increasingly onerous , but the first priority of the government is to control the virus from expanding , and to accommodate poor with their basic needs and messages for masses if they want to contribute in relief program. No matter what your political affiliation is, no matter how much you detest the policies of the current government, look at them efforts at least . At a broader level, we must get unified at this time of crisis as we are suffering as a nation not as a tribe/sect . A word of gratitude , acknowledgement , appreciation , or any positive word towards the actions taken by the government so far under available resources would be considered billions as a contribution by all. We must go easy on the government. This whole range of outrageous Machiavellian maneuvers will benefit none.

The hubbub I have been through this whole time over the social media, those jokesters on social platforms , on many of the mainstream media channels by the name of current affairs and reading all that in columns & articles , is not plucky to get our hopes up. Whom are we trying to dazzle from all this? Corona Virus is not a small potato to swallow with intentions. Yes, we all do think differently, the policies of the government might have buggered up in the past, might have been of some help to several, might have been of any discomfort to various, but this outbreak has left us think no way but to focus on the solution as this lockdown shocks have shocked the countless in my country. All those who are scribbling at length about the failure of the government policies must be them who, by selves, have failed in their lives many times and not even a single person would be ready to take an advice from them. These instinctive debates can mess up the conflict. So, just sit back if you can’t contribute something positive. No stampede is required, social-distancing is inevitable. Hard is when you find out that many sensible people are trolling the lockdown and are not serious to take the precautionary measures by staying at home. How can we bank on the poor who have nothing to eat, end of wages, lowly paid workers, and that too among the middle class , lower middle class or below. There are 29.5% of the people of Pakistan, which translates in to 55 million of population, living under the line where basic food is a luxury. We all must realize that we are in a hazardous situation these days.

Let the negativity loss this battle by not paying attention to any fake news that roams around like air in the atmosphere. Let us all contribute towards the positive steps taken by the government in the eradication of this pandemic. Let us all utter magical words of positivity that can heal the fear of those who are already broken up by the virus attack. Let us all support at least one family, needy family, around which could be the least we can do. Let us fight the negative minds that are distracting the main purpose of the Corona Virus campaign. Let us all take the lock down seriously and better stays at home. Let us all stay low and teach others who know less about the severity of this Covid-19 and contribute good amongst the bad. Let us all chip in to make this difficult time move off quickly. To mock is to reveals your potential of taking burdensome, and this would not justify your worth. I avoid altercation, but I am playing my part to help the government in the actions taken to control Covid-19 , relief programs and vehemently guiding many under my approach. Being a writer, being a Psychologist, I worry nothing but the spread of the virus and I fear nothing but the conditions of poor families whose sufferings can get worse than worse.