“Summer and reading voyage of a reader”

Seasons have always deep impacts on human moods, nature and behaviours. They could bring instant happiness to overwhelming darkness to one’s frame of mind.

As an avid reader and book blogger, I am always willing to read books whether from the genre of romance, fiction, fantasy or thrillers – which uplift my specific moods, with their fascinating plot twists, whimsical characters and world build up. Summers aren’t always extraordinary like soul freezing winters in Pakistan, but they have refreshing evening breezes which sense mesmerizing after longest, hectic afternoons. Nevertheless, summery evenings would turn out to be the best part of the season (besides mangoes) if you’d have a gripping book to read, with a steaming cup of tea, sitting in veranda or living room – on a snug couch.

There are five amazing books to cherish in these summery days of covid-19.

Transgressions by Anjum Altaf –

An English collection of poetries by Anjum Altaf, inspired and based on Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry. When we talk about poets, their antique work and post eras of poetry, who doesn’t mention their love for Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s enticing work. Yes, I believe, in a way or another everyone has read Faiz’s poetry atleast once in their life. Every poetry in transgressions is inspired by Faiz’s work of revolution, his dreams of building a new ethical world, freedom, and political ideals portrayed through author’s fancy.

Six of crows by Leigh Burdago –

Criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker offered to pull off a deathly heist – who lived in the horrific state of Ketterdam – a scampering hub of black trade of anything which brings money. The plan is dangerous which could lead him and his crew to a heart crushing ending but he’s going to try his luck for the very first time, after holding back for an amazing package – since ages.

The summer of impossible things by Rowan Coleman –

“When humans believe in stories extraordinary things happens”

An uplifting, emotional story of family tragedy and sufferings, sat mainly in Brooklyn 1977 and 2007, which lead Luna (the protagonist) to the summer of 1977- after heart wrenching suicide of her mother – she is about to witness something impossible, proceeding into the past.

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven –

This book is one of the heaviest weight books I have ever read. Violet Markey, a seventeen-year-old devastated teen who’s living with the undying grief of her elder sister’s sudden death – thinks that she’s responsible for it. Theodore Finch faced loads of family drama, and broken since his childhood wants to take his own life but there is a mission anyone’s coming to someone’s life. Theo is going to accomplish the mission before the heart crushing finale.  A roller coaster ride of emotions, heart break, friendship and coping with mental illness. An important read to understand the grief of the most severe issue.

The friend zone by Abby Jimenez –

The protagonist Kristen Petersen is hiding a heart breaking secret from Joshua – and dealing all alone with the horrible period issues and about to have hysterectomy (medically necessary procedure) that will make it impossible for her to have children. Full of all the struggles of a woman with infertility and relationship issues, this one is a perfect read to make you learn things and cheer up your mood on the most adorable plot twists and the essence of romance in it.