The federal and Sindh govt amalgamated hands to resolve Karachi’s civic affairs

The federal and Sindh governments established a committee on Sunday, incorporating representatives of the PTI, PPP, MQM, the metropolitan’s three basic associates – for the means of solving the city’s major issues.

Previously on Sunday, a meeting was conducted in Islamabad, attended by Sindh Chief Minister Muraad Ali Shah, Education Minister Saeed Ghani, Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah, Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail, Federal Minister Asad Umar and Mayor of Karachi Wasim Akhtar.

The provenances declared that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) chairman Lt General Mohammad Afzal had also participated in the official meeting.

The members supposedly talked on the gigantic problems that are facing by the civilians more often after the flooded rains in the metropolitan.

The provincial government’s representative, Murtaza Wahab stated that the committee would incorporate PTE federal ministers Asad Umar and Ali Zaidi, Federal IT and Telecom Minister Aminul Haque of the MQM – alongside Sindh Chief Minister and provincial Ministers – Nasir Hussain Shah and Saeed Ghani.

“The committee will check that progress work is conveyed fluently in the city, and get rid of obstacles in this concern”.

The Sindh Information Minister, Nasir Ali Shah – later in a video message welcomed the perspective of three parties to work together – possessing that Sindh, including Karachi had produced record achievement under the supervision of PPP Chairman Bilawwal Bhutto Zardari. Nasir declared the PPP Chairman Bilawal had initiated development projects worth billions of rupees, not seen in the any other province of the country.

He further claimed in his message: “The association of three parties would not please the enemies of Karachi”.