The process of Accountability takes the lead across the board

Accountability is a universal concept. If we talk about religion, social and justice systems, accountability has a special status everywhere.

The religious law is a superseding law in every aspect. Our religion has clear guidelines about across the board accountability. Nobody is out of the ambit of accountability in our religion and there has been several examples from Seerat and Caliphs. Hazrat Umar (R.A) presented himself in the court of law for accountability when a false charge was placed on him and despite being one of the powerful caliphs of all time, he presented himself for accountability and proved his innocence. Hence, nobody is above the law and out of the ambit of accountability.

The modern state system is also based on the concept of universal accountability. The state is governed by the law and constitution and no institution is above the law including Executive, Parliament, Judiciary and Armed forces.

Pakistan has always been a country where the justice system and accountability has remained a dubious affair. All institutions especially executive and political entities have remained on limelight as far as the process of accountability is concerned.

It has to be ensured that all institutions must ensure self-accountability mechanism which will further their strength and national integrity.

In almost every state institution, the process of self-accountability exists but some institution like judiciary has some special authorities and functions that tend to undermine the very concept of self-accountability of the institution. A very authoritative body of Supreme Judicial Council exist but needs to be more transparent and open to public as gaining public confidence is vital for the judiciary to enjoy public support. Unlike the elected representatives, judiciary gets its support and power from the public confidence which would be further strengthened if the very idea of self-accountability in judiciary is more emphasized.

It is heartening to witness in few recent instances when the judiciary is also taking important steps to further strengthen the process of self-accountability within its own ranks. This will not only strengthen the judicial system of the country but also give a strong message that accountability process runs across the board and nobody is above the law.