Three Pakistanis martyred in cross-border attack from Afghanistan

Three Pakistani civilians have been martyred and another nine have been injured in cross-border attack from Afghanistan.

According to details, three Pakistanis, all of them civilians have been killed due to cross-border firing from Afghanistan in Bajau, on Friday.

Meanwhile nine people, including two Pakistani security personnel are reported to have been injured in the cross-border attack, and have been shifted to a local medical facility.

The development comes as Pakistan, in 2017 started fencing and sealing its border with Afghanistan which spans for more than 2,430 kilometers.

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Afghanistan, on multiple times has objected on the border fencing initiative from the Pakistan, as it still refuses to accept the Durand Line and stresses upon its claims that Pakistan’s tribal areas are in fact a part of Afghanistan.

It is pertinent to know that in 2017, this border dispute between Pakistan and Afghanistan resulted in a violent clash at Chaman border between the two countries with a total of 15 casualties reported on both sides.