Two dead as ANF convoy targeted by smugglers

Two Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) personnel are reported to have been martyred in Balochistan after their convoy came under attack from heavily armed smugglers.

According to ANF officials, an ANF convoy returning after a drug-bust was attacked by around 50 heavily armed smugglers in Mashkeel area of Balochistan near Pak-Iran border.

The three-hour gun battle that followed resulted in two soldiers being martyred, with another six injuries.

The two martyred soldiers have been identified as Muhammad Kamran and Ahmed Nawaz.

The incident comes as earlier, ANF had seized around 1.9 tonnes of narcotics worth more than PKR 1 trillion (US$ 739.79 million), in 23 raids across the country. During the raids 32 individuals, including four women were arrested, whereas 17 vehicles were also seized.

The seized drugs included 408 kilograms of hashish, 651 kilograms of morphine, 509 kilograms of opium, 380 kilograms of heroin and 2 kilograms of amphetamines.