Two men injured in acid attack in Karachi

Two men are reported to have been injured in an acid attack in Karachi.

According to details, two men, namely Kamran and Amir suffered severe burns due to acid attack in New Karachi area of the metropolitan city.

The two men had gone to settle a mere financial dispute of Rs 15,000 with a shopkeeper named Abbas, who then threw acid on the two individuals after engaging in a quarrel with them.

The incident took place on June 20, however no FIR has been registered, said Amir, who has accused police of coercing them of suppressing the issue and not to pursue any legal action.

Both Kamran and Amir have suffered severe injuries and have been blinded in one eye.

Addressing his financial woes, Kamran stated that he is a father of four and the sole earner for his family, due to medical bills he has been forced to resort to take financial loans which he is unable to pay back due to his health condition.

The two men have appealed Inspector General (IG) Sindh and government officials to ensure that their case is justly heeded and responded to.