UN must declare ‘Hindutva fascism’ a terrorist ideology, says Munir Akram

Pakistan’s Ambassador to United Nations Munir Akram has urged the UN to declare ‘Hindutva fascism’ as a terrorist ideology that fuels violence and intolerance.

Addressing a webinar on the issue of Global Scourge of Terrorism: Assessment of High-Risk Threats and Trends – rise of Violent Extremism and Hate Speech in a Pandemic Environment, Akram stated that the most effective way to root out terrorism in the South Asian region is by eliminating the ideologies that propagate and promote violence, hatred and bigotry.

“The racist and fascist ideology of “Hindutva” practices by the ruling BJP and its militant parent, the RSS, which preaches the supremacy of upper-caste Hindus and the suppression of Muslims and other religions in India, poses an existential threat to the 180 million Muslims of India,” he noted.

Urging the international body to counter such hateful and extremist ideology, Munir Akram highlighted that Hindutva fascism is the same as any other violent ideology that argues the supremacy of Hindus over other races and religions and promotes violence against them, and hence must be ‘must be encompassed in the UN’s counter-terrorism endeavors’.

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Furthermore, Munir Akram stressed upon the fact that India nefariously blames Pakistan for the local Kashmiri dissent in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) against Indian brutalities and atrocities.

In addition to it, Munir Akram rebuked Indian allegations of ‘terror sponsoring’ reiterating that Pakistan has lost more than 50,000 lives and suffered an economic loss in excess of $120 billion for being the frontline ally in the global war against terror.