Unclear Vision

– Usman Riaz

You turned around, you heard a sound. The sound was quieter than a pin dropping on a tiled floor. Nevertheless, it was heard. Even hours after the event has occurred, days sometimes, you may still feel the presence of something just beyond your shoulder. It can be quite an uneasy feeling, folks, that sends chills down spines for some, urges other to investigate the cause. This feeling, my friends, is a fear. It is a fear that shakes souls and entices terror in the hearts of even the bravest souls. This is the fear of the unknown.

It is this very fear around which numerous pop cultures and mythologies have been built. The fear of ghosts, spirits and the supernatural all stem from this core. For centuries, a fear has constantly lurked in and around human beings. The doors creaking and the floorboards cracking, they are all a part of it. When a person is experiencing something extraordinary, exciting or fearful, their body releases and utilizes adrenaline as a way to cope with the situation. This can cause heightened senses for some, heavy breathing for others. In simpler meaning, adrenaline can often amplify and perceive more to the brain than the person expects.

It is that singular feeling, when the brain is all jacked on adrenaline but it can’t see a clear threat, is when it starts to panic. You know there is something there that is making you feel uneasy. It is making you feel extremely agitated and uncomfortable but there is no visible support to your fear. Not knowing what it is can drive people to the edge of sanity; often times left wondering whether something they can see is real or not.

Not everyone perceives the unknown as merely a fear, though. Many take it on as a challenge to find out exactly the cause behind the experience. That is where the concept of ‘Paranormal Hunters’ came into being. Even then, there can be an extreme lack of information due to no verified source; it is all based on eye witnesses and occasional blurry footage.

If we explore just the lore around the unknown alone, we can paint a picture as to whether it really is real or is the brain playing tricks on us. Many eye-witness accounts make it quite believable and the presence of spirits is often discussed in various faiths around the world. Some experts have even hypothesized that animals can see beyond this veil of mystery that we cannot. This can often explain their behavior when they stare at a place for a long time where we humans see nothing but empty space.

A food for thought from the writer of this piece,

Picture yourself in such a situation. How far do you think you’ll be able to venture into the unknown without the uneasiness taking over you? Do you think something exists out there, in that corner? If so, what are its intentions? Why is it there? What is it?