United States to not allow new foreign admissions for online classes

The United States government, on Friday, announced that it will not allow any new foreign admissions for online classes.

As per the details, Trump administration, in wake of coronavirus outbreak in the country, has decided to suspend new admissions for foreign students seeking online education in the country.

According to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), foreign students seeking online classes/education will not be allowed to enter the country as per the new government policy.

The development comes as earlier two top US universities, namely Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), had challenged the Trump administration decision to expel foreign students citing coronavirus outbreak.

US analysts say that the tougher restrictions by Trump administration are actually aimed at coercing educational institutions to re-open and resume classes – a step which will indicate normalization of the COVID-19 outbreak and will presumably bolster US President Donald Trump’s claims of effective handling of the crisis.

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It is to be noted that several top universities in the United States are financially dependent on tuition fee from foreign students.

As per the statistics issued by Institute of International Education more than a million foreign students attended the 2018-2019 academic session in various universities across US.