Usman Buzdar to doctors, ‘Ye corona kaat-ta kaisay hai? – How does this corona bites”

Lahore: As Pakistan faces a continuous surge in coronavirus cases, Punjab government has been facing severe criticism for its non-serious attitude towards the pandemic as confirmed coronavirus cases reach a tally of 33 in the province.

According to a report published in a local daily, Punjab Chief Minister received a detailed briefing from health experts on coronavirus outbreak, in which the former raised the question and asked, “ye corona kaat-ta kaisay hai?” (how does this corona bites), the report further raises concerns regarding the preventive measures taken by authorities to contain coronavirus spread in the province.

The report states, “The gap between the magnitude of the challenge that COVID-19 has thrown and the scale of the response so far is wider than anyone would like to imagine. The reasons are far more numerous than the capacity issues of one provincial chief minister,”

“Nothing could better illustrate the state of affairs in Punjab today than this simple question asked by the head of the province about a crisis that has nothing simple about it,” it added.

Earlier, Usman Buzdar had announced to disburse PKR 5 billion, aimed at improving efforts to contain coronavirus spread. This is in addition to a Rs236-million sum allocated to the Punjab health department.