Voice Of Sindh organizes reading session on Usman Jamaie’s new book based on Karachi

Voice of Sindh on Saturday (today) organized a reading session on Usman Jamaie’s new book titled “Sir Syed, forty seven, sector incharge.”

Renowned columnist, writer Iqbal Khursheed moderated the reading session which was attended by various writers, poets general public.

Furthermore, Usman Jamaie presented his book to Voice of Sindh Project Director Dr Umair Haroon, who in return presented the author with shield and token of appreciation for his praiseworthy work.

Expressing his views, Dr Umair Haroon reiterated that Voice of Sindh will continue to encourage and facilitate such literary events in future as well.

The reading session was attended by various writers, columnists and literary personalities including Pervez Bilgrami, Azam Meraaj, Sheikh Naveed, Muslim Ansari, Tehseen Aziz, Zahid Hussain and others.

Usman Jamaie’s latest work elaborates various aspects of Karachi’s history and its present. It is to be noted that recently an inauguration ceremony was held at Arts Council Karachi which brought much praise and acclamation for Usman Jami’s work.