Voice of Sindh’s Fawwad Raza scores big in ‘Agahi Awards 2020’

Editor Voice of Sindh (VoS) Fawwad Raza on Friday won the prestigious ‘Agahi Award 2020’ for excellence in journalism based on his research-based article dissecting the adverse effects of unplanned migration to urban centers from small rural areas of developing countries.

The AGAHI Awards are an annual award series for journalists across Pakistan. The objective of these Awards is to recognize and appreciate best journalistic practices in Pakistan, creating a healthy competition within media, encouraging ethical and professional reporting practices.

Fawwad Raza is a Digital Journalist with vast experience in the field having been affiliated with the biggest news consortiums of Pakistan i.e ARY News, Bol News, etc. He currently serves as the English desk editor at Voice of Sindh (Web), Head of content (English), and a quarterly magazine published under the same banner.

Raza penned a detailed analysis of Karachi, the mega city’s changing dynamics focusing on its rural to urban migration and the factors aiding the process titled ‘Karachi – A Case Study Of The Impacts Of Rural To Urban Migration‘.

The story talks about unplanned migration which has been seen as a major cause of the increase in urban poverty, resource deficit, less connectivity, and limited job opportunities for the pre-existing residents. The drawbacks of unplanned migration snowball increasing the number of homeless people and street children in urban centers.

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