WhatsApp to go ahead with new terms and services despite backlash

WhatsApp on Thursday said it will be going ahead with the new terms and services despite the backlash it faced from users across the world.

However, the Facebook-owned company has said that it will start “reminding” people to accept the updated terms and conditions after asking users to review the terms of service and privacy policy.

The company admitted that it had “previously encountered a great deal of misinformation” and is now working hard to clear up “any confusion”.

“As a reminder, we’re building new ways to chat or shop with a business on WhatsApp that are entirely optional. Personal messages will always be end-to-end encrypted, so WhatsApp can’t read or listen to them,” the messaging app said in a blog.

WhatsApp assured users that it has “reflected” on what could be done better, and reminded people of the company’s “history of defending end-to-end encryption”.

“We’re now using our Status feature to share our values and updates directly within WhatsApp. We’ll be doing much more to make our voice clear going forward,” said the company.

The Facebook-owned app said that in the coming weeks WhatsApp will display a banner to provide more “information” regarding the new terms and service so people can read at their own pace.

“We’ve also included more information to try and address concerns we’re hearing. Eventually, we’ll start reminding people to review and accept these updates to keep using WhatsApp,” said the Facebook-owned company.