WHO Chief lauds PM Imran Khan’s ‘balanced’ strategy against COVID-19 outbreak

The World Health Organization (WHO) Chief – Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has lauded PM Imran Khan’s ‘balanced’ approach and strategy in tackling COVID-19 crisis in the country.

Expressing his views in an op-ed, Dr Tedros highlighted that despite the global death toll surpassing 2 million mark, there is still hope and there are positive indicators with promising prospects of improvement in future.

WHO chief praised Pakistan and PM Imran Khan’s ‘balanced’ approach against COVID-19 outbreak. He also lauded Pakistan’s decision to adapt and utilize its anti-polio infrastructure and resources to conduct door to door COVID-19 awareness campaign.

The community health workers responsible for anti-polio campaign, effectively conducted surveillance, contact tracing and care procedures to address COVID-19 spread in the country.

Senator Faisal Javed citing Dr Tedros’s remarks, took to social media to highlight government’s success in tackling COVID-19 and preventing, limiting precious loss of lives.

“This is what PM Imran Khan has been saying from day one. Along with tackling Coronavirus we need to get the Economy running, control the Hunger, ensure relief to weaker segments of society, especially, labor, daily-wager class and common people remained top priority,” he tweeted.

Pakistan’s coronavirus tally stands at 312,263 cases with 6,497 casualties so far.