Young Science writer from Pakistan selected for Berlin Science Week Journalist Grant

Some young enthusiasts in Pakistan are working tirelessly to change the narrative and introducing a new field like science journalism in Pakistan with journalistic ethics.

This young team is led by Saadeqa Khan, an intelligent and talented science journalist from Quetta who has been writing scientific articles on various media outlets and websites for more than three years and is also the author of three science books. He has also been awarded the National Science Award 2019 by the Government of Pakistan for one of his books. Saadeqa is currently associated with DW Urdu.

Although only a specific circle in Pakistan is aware of the efforts of Saadeqa Khan and her team of students from various universities of Pakistan, she and her magazine Science Pakistan have been applauded internationally multiple times. At the heights of the Coronavirus pandemic, this team published three magazine editions consisting of accurate information about Coronavirus and other viral diseases. The US Library of Congress had selected Scientia Pakistan magazine’s website for its web archive program as it contains historical information related to the pandemic.

A couple of months later, the Falling Walls Foundation selected this project in the Science Engagement category for the Breakthroughs of the Year 2020. The ten finalists will be chosen during Science Week in Berlin from November 1 to 10 next month.

 Meanwhile, when the team of young students, teachers, and journalists were busy preparing for the final stage, her team leader and editor-in-chief of the magazine Saadeqa Khan has also been selected for the Berlin Science Week Journalist Grant. He is one of the 10 advantageous journalists chosen by the senior professional jury members around the world. This grant for scientific research is provided by the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Higher Education.

Pakistan has in dire need of such talented youngsters, working tirelessly to promote science journalism in the country.