Zartaj Gul’s 19 points on COVID-19

PTI’s Climate Change Minister Zartaj Gul presents, her unique ’19-points’ about COVID-19 coronavirus and the netizens can’t get enough of it.

Recently a video went viral of PTI’s Zartaj Gul who gave her own unique explanation of COVID-19 coronavirus of having ’19-points’ taking the social media by storm where netizens can’t get enough of it and are interpreting her definition of coronavirus in every possible way.

Here’s a special vlog on Zartaj Gul’s ’19-points’.

Action Reaction : Zartaj Gul Saga

Slip of a tongue or thought through statement, Anila Khan charges at Zartaj Gul#VoiceOfSindh#ZartajGul

Posted by Voice of Sindh on Wednesday, 24 June 2020