Zulfi Bukhari sues PM’s former wife Reham Khan in UK

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) for Oversees Pakistanis Sayed Zulfi Bukhari has sued PM Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan over defamatory social media post.

Zulfi Bukhari is reported to have approached London High Court against Reham Khan over her defamatory social media post falsely accusing him of having personal interest in the sale of  Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, New York.

The development comes as Reham Khan in a tweet on December 6th 2019, accused Zulfi Bukhari and Aneel Musarrat of having malign intentions and pursuing for the sale of Roosevelt Hotel in United States for their own benefit and financial gains.

However, the tweet was later deleted along with the YouTube link of the live stream held by Reham Khan which was attached with it.

The legal proceedings have been revealed after Reham Khan herself took to social media to seek out financial help in her legal battle, and asking for donations of up to £30,000.

According to details, Zulfi Bukhari in his case against Reham Khan, is seeking an apology, damages and demanding the latter to retract he allegations completely.

The trial is expected to start after eight months. Reham Khan has sought legal help from Hamlins Law firm and has denied all allegations.

Meanwhile Zulfi Bukhari is being represented by a legal firm that specializes in defamation law suits.

It is pertinent to know that Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan New York USA, is owned by government of Pakistan and there have had been significant uproar over the rumours regarding its possible sale.

The PTI government had formed a five-member committee to mull over the options for Roosevelt Hotel, however the committee was later dissolved and it was announced that the asset will not be sold.