8th AGAHI Awards ceremony held in Islamabad

8th AGAHI awards ceremony held in Islamabad with 43 journalists being awarded for their notable services, professional excellence and ethics.

The AGAHI Awards in its Eighth year received thousands of submissions in more than 40 categories from across the country. A jury of national and international experts, development specialists, academicians, and media professionals, evaluated the submissions made by journalists from print, television, radio, and the online media.

Renowned journalists such as Shahzeb Khanzada, Maria Memon were bestowed with People’s choice awards for favorite anchor in male and female category respectively.

Meanwhile, Voice of Sindh’s Fawwad Raza was awarded for his research based article titled ‘Karachi – A Case Study Of The Impacts Of Rural To Urban Migration’.

Expressing her views Puruesh Chaudhary – President AGAHI and the co-founder of the AGAHI Awards, noted that Pakistan is transitioning from passive consumption to an interactive model, this transition is not only confronting media sustainability but also creativity and skillset challenges as well.

She highlighted the significance of provision of due freedom to journalists and content creators, for them be able to work in an environment that supports fairness, truth and accountability in Pakistan.

The event was a splendid aura of diplomats, ambassadors, opinion and policy makers, journalists and youth coming together to not just honor journalists but also celebrate Elimination of Violence Against Women Day.

The event was concluded with musical performances and concluding remarks from the founders.

What are AGAHI Awards?

The AGAHI Awards are an annual award series for journalists across Pakistan. These Awards provide a platform to celebrate and recognize the work of credible and dedicated journalists. AGAHI Awards were inaugurated in Pakistan for the very first time in March 2012; since then, the awards have become an essence of several media development initiatives in Pakistan. The Awards are organized in collaboration with local and international media bodies, regulatory authorities, private sector, and other stakeholders.

The objective of these Awards is to recognize and appreciate best journalistic practices in Pakistan, creating a healthy competition within media, encouraging ethical and professional reporting practices. Through this initiative, AGAHI Awards team has been very successful in bringing together government, media development institutions, press clubs, academia, and private sector with interest in improving the state of media in Pakistan.

The AGAHI Awards plays an instrumental role in promoting diversity and best practices. Every year AGAHI and Mishal Pakistan in collaboration with multiple stakeholders jointly nominate national and international leading opinion-makers, development experts, media gurus and knowledge professionals to be part of the judges’ panel to evaluate the entries.