Afghan Taliban find billions in Pakistani currency stashed in Afghan intelligence officer’s house

Afghan Taliban have reportedly recovered billions in Pakistani currency from the house of an Afghan intelligence officer during their advance in Spin Boldar region.

As per details, Afghan Taliban who have recently captured Kandahar’s Spin Boldar region near Pakistan after Afghan security forces fled the area, have announced to have confiscated billions in Pakistani currency from the residence of an Afghan intelligence officer.

The recovered Pakistani currency is said to have been around Rs 3 billion.

Security experts have said that the Pakistani currency recovered from the house of Afghan security official was used to fund terrorist organisations like TTP, JuA and HuA linked with RAW. Currency was also used for funding sub-nationalist groups to undertake sabotage activities and hit national unity inside Pakistan.

Elements in NDS and other Afghan intelligence agencies have been acting as a sub-franchise of Indian and other anti-Pakistan elements and have been found to be facilitating and assisting various terrorists organizations against Pakistan.

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The development comes as Afghan Taliban’s advance has critically hampered India’s anti-Pakistan operations which were based in Afghanistan as Suhail Shaheen – Afghan Taliban spokesperson, had earlier categorically stated that the group will not allow Afghan territory to be used against Pakistan.

Last week, India had also vacated its Kandahar consulate in wake of Taliban’s advance with the group eventually taking control of the Indian Consulate.

India’s Kandahar Consulate served as a key asset in training, supporting, financing and sponsoring various banned organizations to carryout attacks inside Pakistan.

It is pertinent to know that TTP, BLA, BRA and other militant organizations which are responsible for innumerous terrorist attacks inside Pakistan have been operating from Afghanistan ever since Pakistan launched Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad along Pak-Afghan border areas (formerly FATA).