Around than 200 hundred people flee from quarantine facility at Chaman border

Around 200 hundred people, on Monday, are reported to have fled from the quarantine facility established at Pak-Afhan Chaman border.

According to details, the people who have fled the isolation facility were already on hunger strike since two days. They had been protesting against the administration and had demanded to shift an ill woman to a hospital.

Upon administration’s refusal to heed to their demands, around 200 people broke out of the facility’s main gate and took the ill woman along with them.

The people who had fled the facility were not registered and there’s no record of them, their identity and other essential details.

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In addition to it, the people staying at the quarantine facility had repeatedly complained regarding food shortages, sub-standard living conditions and lack of basic facilities at the camp.

It is to be noted that the concerned quarantine facility has been set up at Pak-Afghan Chaman border and is housing people who have recently returned from Afghanistan.

Government of Pakistan, on Saturday, had opened Chaman border crossing at Pak-Afhan border to facilitate the repatriation of Pakistani citizens stranded in Afghanistan due to coronavirus travel restrictions.