ATC indicts Uzair Baloch in SHO murder case

An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) on Saturday, indicted Lyari gang-war leader Uzair Baloch in SHO Civil Lines murder case.

During the hearing pertaining to SHO Civil Lines Fawad Khan murder case, Lyari gang-war kingpin Uzair Baloch was indicted by court along with others accused in the case.

The court indicted Uzair Baloch and Abdul Ghaffar Mama for the murder of Fawad Khan – SHO Civil Lines back in 2012.

Two other accused include Zakir alias Dada, Ramzan alias Ramzani.

However, Uzair Baloch has denied the charges and intends to contest them.

It is to be noted that Uzair Baloch and others area accused of attacking police personnel during the Lyari Operation in April 2012 in Kalakot area.

Prior to this, Uzair Baloch was indicted in Arshad Pappu murder case on August 26th last month.

The Lyari gang-war kingpin had denied the charges and requested the judge who recorded his confessional statement, to submit an affidavit and appear before the court.