BJP leader abstain citizens for buying vegetables from Muslims

Suresh Tiwari – a BJP MLA from state of UP, has asked people to abstain from buying vegetables from Muslim vendors.

According to details, Suresh Tiwari has urged people of Deoria district to not buy vegetable and other items from Muslim vendors.

Videos have emerged on social media in which the BJP MLA can be seen making islamophobic remarks, “Keep one thing in mind, I am telling everyone openly, no one should purchase vegetables from Muslims.”

Suresh Tiwari has accused Muslim community of contaminating the food items with saliva before selling them in the market, alleging them of intentionally spreading the virus.

Islamophobic comments and hate crimes have observed a sudden spike in India since the coronavirus outbreak first emerged in the country. Muslims have been unfairly and nefariously blamed for the virus spread in the country by both media and the Hindu extremist government of PM Narendra Modi.

Prior to this, Saad Khandalvi – a prominent figure of Tablighi Jamaat in India was charged with ‘manslaughter’ and accused of intentionally spreading COVID-19.

Furthermore, a government-run hospital in the state of Ahmedabad which is governed by Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), citing government orders announced to treat Muslim patients separately.