CAA verifies credentials of 21 Pakistani pilots working for international airlines

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has verified credentials of 21 Pakistani pilots working for international airlines on Tuesday.

As per the details, the CAA has authenticated credentials of 21 Pakistani pilots who were working for international airlines of Hong Kong and Oman.

CAA verified credentials of 18 pilots working for Oman’s SalamAir airline, and include Captain Fawad Shahab, Sheikh Saifullah, Mohammad Bilal Malik, Mohammad Javed, Mohammad Rashid, Captain Muhammad Athar Iqbal, Muhammad Asif, Farhan Khan, Babar Sultan, Farrukh Bhatti, Sajjad Malik, Captain Zia-ul-Haq, Natasha Sultan, Abbas Rizvi, Omar Jafar and others.

Whereas, the aviation regulatory authority also authenticated the credentials of three pilots working for Hong Kong international airlines.

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Prior to this, CAA had verified credentials of 48 out of 54 pilots working in United Arab Emirates (UAE), followed by the authentication of licenses of 16 of the 17 Pakistani pilots working for Malaysia Airlines.

It is pertinent to know that various aviation regulators around the world have approached Pakistani authorities for the verification of credentials of Pakistani nationals working in the aviation industry after Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan revealed that 262 pilots out of 860 in Pakistan have fake credentials.