Celebs reach out to the needy in the wake of coronavirus pandemic

In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, celebrities lend a helping hand to the fellow countrymen in need.

Maya Ali took to Instagram to announce that she will be distributing ration bags among the needy as government imposes lockdown. In a post, she writes: “This is the first batch of ration bags which has just arrived. It’s the right time when we should play our own part and shouldn’t wait for others to come and save people.

It is a very crucial time and we should become one as a nation and stick together. Alhamdulillah I am glad that ALLAH has given me this opportunity to help those in need at a time like this.” She thanked the donors and said, “I am truly thankful to each and every single individual who donated and played their part even from outside Pakistan.

We have no idea how long this will go on, but we have to stand together for those in need and are less fortunate. Insha ALLAH this all will end soon but until then we have to continue doing this… If any one wants to donate, please contact on this number and I’ll make sure this reaches the deserving affected people. I am going to attach the list of all the items which are included in a Rashan bag. Each rashan bag costs 5k, and if anyone wants to make their own Rashan bag and send that instead of money, you can do that also… Let’s become one nation to fight corona and win against it.”

Meanwhile, socio-political activist Jibran Nasir took to Facebook to share his proposal for a National Food Distribution Plan. He wrote that, “We have to deliver ration at every doorstep. I’ve drafted proposal for a National Food Distribution Program during #Corona lockdown. Hope it reaches relevant authorities.”