COVID – 19 peak expected to hit Pakistan at the end of July: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that the peak of the COVID-19 cases is expected to hit Pakistan by the end of July or start of August, he warned the nation that ‘a very difficult time’ ahead as the number of infections surpassed 100,000.

The Prime Minister addressed the nation and make an appeal to the citizens for following the standard operating procedures (SOPs).  He said, by undermining the precautionary measures “will cause harm to the country”.

He also said the lockdown doesn’t end the pandemic but only slow down the spread of the respiratory illness. The premier clarified. “In the United States, the lockdown was lifted despite 100,000 deaths,” he said, adding that America eased its restrictions with SOPs.

“Similarly, our struggle is to open things with SOPs. Our priority is that the peak comes slowly so that our healthcare does not collapse so that our hospitals do not face pressure as the peak is inevitable.

Imran Khan warned the nation according to the government’s calculations, we can manage with SOPs; the peak is likely to come by the end of July or [start of] August.

He once again stressed that it was necessary to begin again and continue business operations but stressed that people should follow the preventive and precautionary measures.

“I am making an appeal: please note that the elderly — with preexisting medical conditions — are at too high a risk,” he said. “People are not taking the virus seriously, not following the SOPs.”

If people violated the SOPs, Pakistan’s elderly and the vulnerable were at high risk and that would endanger the entire country, he said. Face masks were mandatory when going out, he noted, “As it’s proven that wearing masks brings a difference of 50%”.

His government, PM Imran mentioned, would add nearly 1,000 beds to reduce the pressure on the health facilities.

“We are trying to have 1,000 beds with oxygen at the end of the month,” he said, adding that there was a mobile application as well that informed people about the availability of beds in any city.