Dare the Terror ( a short story of courage )

Sana Khan Nadeem

Those red eyes , were full of respect and gratitude. Uncle Arick never shed tears in front of anyone like he did in front of this young boy named ” Jerrif “. Arick clasped Jerrif tightly.  The incident happened in that hot sunny summer daylight.

Jerrif lived near Uncle Arick’s home. “Uncle” was the name given by the kids of the colony for him being inflexible and unyielding in his behaviour. Arick lived alone as he had lost his family in an airplane crash three years ago. He was living a retired life. Jerrif liked the pet of Uncle Arick,” Daisy ” the cat. Jerrif was an disciplined young boy & quite a helping hand to the neighbours.

That exact day , Jerrif , on his bicycle going to the ground for his cricket passion , saw a man trying to break the boundary of Arick’s home . That man had his face covered & he had a pistol in his one hand and a sharp edged knife for unbolting the fence . It was a hot day so everybody had taken shelter inside their homes. Clear that was , that intruder was a burglar. He easily broke the lock of the fence with his knife. He went in , looking out for an easy way to go inside the home. A casement window , was unfortunately open. The cracksman found his way in. He jumped inside the home through that open casement, making sure he didn’t make any sound.

As the yegg disappeared inside , Jerrif sensed the danger . He , at once , called the town police station via his mobile phone. And he decided to go inside to help Uncle Arick till the cops arrive. He dropped his cycle. Took his bat. Went inside Uncle Arick’s home. Jerrif had a fear whether he would be able to make it. But the perception of helping Uncle Arick & the valour intrinsic to do someone a good turn , was much higher than the fear. That grew a spine in to him.

By dint of the open window , he keeked inside. The lounge was calm. No sign of anyone there. He jumped inside. Staircase was the next. Jerrif  stepped up the stairs by degrees, vigilantly. Up there , he heard commotion from the dormitory. Jerrif quietly moved closer to the door. It was partially open. The view was clear inside. Uncle Arick was tied on the chair , tethered with rope & gagged , like a detainee. That was condition red.  The thief was hurling everything out from the drawers , wardrobes , & yelling at the old man inquiring about the keys of the locker . Uncle Arick had tears in eyes , determined not to tell even a word.

Jerrif , all of a sudden , dropped a piece  of coin from his pocket with the purpose to divert the attention of the burglar towards the door. The thief held the pistol in his right hand & the sharp knife in the left. He made a sign to the old man telling him not to move. As he approached  the door , Jerrif stepped back. The maraud opened the door holding his pistol & knife ahead of him. But then a sudden jerk & a blow , he was knocked down with his pistol and knife on the floor. Bam . Jerrif turned on him by hitting him directly on his head with his bat. Jerrif swiftly picked the pistol and pointed on him. The thief was screaming out of pain, holding his head. No escape. Cops had arrived meanwhile . The perpetrator was arrested. Uncle Arick had tears in them eyes of him. He was out of words to express his gratitude to Jerrif. This young boy Jerrif won the heart of him & all around.  Daisy licked the feet of Jerrif. Jerrif put it in his arms. Since that day , Uncle Arick had become the most loquacious person in the colony. Giggling , laughing , sharing memories with the people of his age , playing with the boys in the ground. And Jerrif became the hero of the colony.