Defence and Diplomacy – Pakistan undeterred by Indian Rafales: Seminar

Voice of Sindh (VOS) organized a seminar ‘Defence and Diplomacy’ to commemorate Pakistan’s Defence Day (Younm-e-Difa) held at EDC auditorium, Iqra University main campus on Saturday September 5th.

Air Marshall (Retd) Mirza Zafar, business tycoon Aqeel Karim Dedhi, Vice Admiral (Retd) Syed Arifullah Hussaini, PTI leader Hunaid Lakhani, DIG Maqsood Memon and former ambassador of Pakistan to Libya, Malta UAE – Captain (Retd) Dr Jamil Ahmad Khan, and others addressed the event.

The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by addresses of respected guest speakers.

Expressing his views Air Marshall (Retd) Mirza Zafar Hussain stated that in modern times DIME i.e. diplomacy, information, military and economy is the core to a country’s standing in the world.

He highlighted the sacrifices and role of the three services in the 1965 Indo-Pak War and stressed upon the numerical superiority of the enemy reiterating that technological and numerical superiority cannot outweigh the spirit of sacrifice, and unmatched nationalism.

He also noted that even back in 1965, India boasted about Mig 21s like it is doing today over Rafale fighter jets, we can outgun their Meteor armed Rafales by our PL-15 armed JF-17s, he added.

DIG Security Maqsood Memon also addressed the event and stressed upon the role of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in countering domestic threats while our armed forces battled foreign aggression from India.

He noted that the failed terrorist attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange, and apprehension of Indian spy Khulbhushan Jadhav reflects Pakistan’s resolve and success in tackling both internal and external threats at the same time.

He also went on to comment on the Karachi operation launched back in 2013, which saw an 85 per cent fall in terrorism in the metropolitan city.

Meanwhile veteran diplomat and Pakistan’s former ambassador to UAE, Libya and Malta Captain (Retd) Dr Jamil Ahmad Khan shed light on the significance of Defence Day as it truly represents and reflect the unmatched courage, determination and spirit of martyrdom of Pakistani troops during 1965 Indo-Pak War.

Dr Jamil Ahmad Khan also commended Dr Umair Haroon – Project Director VOS, and congratulated VOS team for their production of short drama ‘Aey Paak Watan’

He said that budget and economic circumstances doesn’t matter, and the response of Pakistan’s response of Pakistani forces in the 1965 War is an evident example of it.

Speaking at the event, Vice Admiral (Retd) Syed Arifullah Hussaini spoke about the significance of the geopolitical location of Pakistan and the Indian Ocean.

He stressed upon the fact that world superpowers whether it be China or USA, depend upon Pakistan for access into Indian ocean, and that since the launching of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Pakistan’s geopolitical importance and increased exponentially.

Voice of Sindh Patron in Chief Hunaid Lakhani stated that Digital Diplomacy has become a key instrument in the modern world for 5th generation and narrative war as depicted by Arab Spring Revolution.

During the seminar a special drama ‘Aey Paak Watan’ written by Iqbal Khursheed and starring industry veteran artists Sajid Hasan and Rashid Farooqui and actor Umer Khayyam was also premiered to commemorate Defence Day.

The event concluded by a shield distributing ceremony, business tycoon Aqeel Karim Dedhi who awarded honorary shields to the guest speakers.

VOS Patron in Chief Hunaid Lakhani also presented honorary shild to Aqeel Karim Dedhi.