Degree goes vain If knowledge goes drain

Sana khan Nadeem
Sana Khan Nadeem

” How many vowels do we have?”. A teacher asked the class.  ” Five “, the pupils replied all together. Teacher,” No, they are four. A, E, I, O “. I heard this by myself while on a visit to a Cambridge teaching school in Karachi, for a lecture on mental counseling of the teachers. There I realized how badly we need original degree holders in our country. As per Herman Melville, ” it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”.

Let me share another hands-on experience. A student approached me for a career counseling. His notion was bemused as he was guided by his teacher at one of the City School in Pakistan that he must go for a profession that has a charm of money in it. This is the only way to survive and lead a luxurious life. What a shame! Greed lessens what is gathered.

As I see it, I have noticed that many of our teaching staffs at school, college and university levels are holding fake degrees. Or meager the standard of merits before commencing this titled career. They either have used other ways to set foot in this discipline or they either have approving resources to year down the future of Pakistan.  Majority in Pakistani schools & colleges have such cases where the degrees doesn’t belong to the concerned teachers as they never appeared in the exams. What a troll on the face of education! John F. Kennedy once quoted, ” our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource”.

A teacher was taking Physical Education online class of Sr. Cambridge 1. And the terms for “fecklessness” was rather used as “f*cklessness”, a slang to be averted. But that teacher had no idea about the actual meaning of the term rather the term specifically. I have met many such teachers/educationalists in many such Cambridge teaching schools, most of them having no idea why on earth they have been given such subjects regardless of their degrees! The educational institutions are filling the gaps with stones rather than gems. A future is lost when a child is lost mentally.

Same comes with the aviation industry. The report published lately about the investigation of PIA plane crash incident in Karachi, saying the degrees of the pilots were fake. And they were lost during the flight.

Many such pilots are under such allegations for having fake degrees in air flight discipline, rest is history. An inexperienced and mentally lost pilot can take hundreds of lives alongside him. When would we realize that fake things can’t withstand long. Ultimately, the nation has to suffer. A little neglect may breed great mischief.

There would be, and I am sure, lots of such cases in engineering industries as well. Fake degrees or zero experience holders making buildings and playing with the lives of innocent people.

A fair and transparent conscience has always been missed amongst this nation. And every new government makes sure they resist the opposition by playing a handful. They fear less of people but fear more of their share. Let us give the lack of knowledge and education in every sphere a miss to let the nation bear less. Time to rack our brains.