ECP issues code of conduct for Senate Elections

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued its ‘code of conduct’ for the upcoming March 3rd Senate Elections.

As per details, the preliminary draft of the Code of Conduct, all members will be barred from carrying cellphones into the polling booth and that they will now be allowed to photograph ballot papers.

President of Pakistan and provincial governors have also been barred from campaigning in support of any in any candidate.

Other notable provisions/clauses of Code of Conduct include;

  • Vote casting in exchange for ‘gifts’ is prohibited.
  • Vote casing due to any kind of intimidation, coercion is also prohibited.
  • Successful candidates will be obliged to submit details of election campaign to RO within five days.
  • Election expenses should be paid from a specifically designated bank account.
  • Election related transactions must be made via GST registered institutions.
  • Expenses incurred by any political party will be considered as candidate’s expenditure.
  • Candidates are barred from seeking any kind of assistance form government officers/employees.
  • Distortion of official markings on ballot papers is also prohibited.
  • Using pressure tactics against judiciary, army and ECP has also been barred.


ECP has asked public to report violation of the aforementioned code of conduct, as violators will be prosecuted under Election Act 2017.