Elahi advises IK and PTI leaders to distance from Gill’s statement

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi Wednesday advised the PTI leadership, including party chairperson Imran Khan, to distance itself from Shahbaz Gill’s statement, which allegedly attempted to incite hatred within the Pakistan Army’s ranks.

A key ally of the PTI, Elahi, said that Khan’s directives are clear: a person who speaks against the army is not a Pakistani.

“Tehreek-e-Insaf’s leadership should definitely distance itself from Shahbaz Gill’s statement. Even I issued a statement against it,” the chief minister said. Today, a court in Islamabad granted a two-day physical remand of the PTI leader to the federal capital’s police. Ahead of being presented before the court, Gill told journalists that he is not “ashamed” of his statements.

Further, Elahi said that he berated Gill over his statement, asking in what capacity did he think he could dictate PTI’s narrative.

“These are our institutions. You gave a statement against the Pakistan Army, are you dumb?” Elahi said, sharing his conversation with Gill.

The Punjab CM noted that Gill’s statement did more harm than good to the PTI and its allies.