Feroze Khan receives greetings on his 30th birthday

The talented actor of famed drama serial “KHAANI” who have recently stated his decision to quit Showbiz – has received early greetings on his 30th birthday, on Saturday. His fans and friends all around the world wished him all the best wishes for his future endeavors, through digital platforms.

Feroze Khan posted a caption on Instagram, attached with his attractive photograph – saying:

“Allah has been super merciful and kept it real and I pray for you all the same. The exact same happiness and cheer I swear. I love you guys. May Allah protect you all and your soul and your dears, your repute and life and everything little and big”, “And never lose hope never! Fight and win and thank and fall and stand again and keep trying. Happy 30th to me Alhamdullellah eh rabal alamin”. He added.

Humaima Malick, his sister posted a picture of Feroze Khan with a great extent wishes and loads of happy prayers to him.

 She wrote, “Happy birthday, may Allah protect you hamesha hamesha Ameen! Live long, be with me forever and ever”. 🙂 @ferozekhan #mashaallah”.