FIA eyeing on those downloading child pornographic content

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is monitoring people downloading child pornographic content.

According to the details, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has conveyed to the Senate panel that they were monitoring people who are involved in downloading child pornography content in the country.

Senate standing committee on Child safety headed by Senator Rubina Khalid was briefed of over measures taken against child pornography in the country, and the FIA along with Police officials said, “We have launched a targeted operation against those watching and downloading child abuse content.”

It was said in briefing that We have adopted technical procedures in dealing with the heinous act besides also introducing a new method to collect evidence against the culprits.

It was conveyed that cybercrime wing was adopting measures against filming and uploading child pornography content and soon it would announce two key measures against the culprits involved in it.

Speaking during the meeting, Senator Rubina Khalid said that parents are forced to avoid speaking on the cases. “We need to train the police on modern lines to tackle rising child abuse incidents,” she said.