Foreign female student lodges complain of sexual harassment at University of Karachi

A foreign female student, on Friday night, lodged a complaint of sexual harassment at girls’ hostel of University of Karachi.

According to details, a female foreign student has submitted an application for FIR at Mobina Town Police Station over a purported incident of sexual harassment at University of Karachi’s girls’ hostel.

As per the claims made by the concerned student, she’s not a student of KU, and was there to visit a friend, when a boy somehow managed to sneak into the girls’ hostel and harassed her by forcefully attempting to enter the washroom.

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The man was somewhere around 5’7” and had a fair complexion, who then fled the scene when she resisted and called for help, claims the student.

Furthermore, Karachi University spokesperson have raised questions over the claims student’s claims stating that it no male is allowed inside the girls’ hostel and it is highly likely that the man was there on the behest of the student herself. However, the university will investigate the matter and its unacceptable and against the principles, rules and regulations upheld by the university administration.