Heart-wrenching honour killing in Jamshoro, Sindh

Sindh’s district Jamshoro became the new location of a heart shattering murder of Waziran – a 24-year young girl, at Saturday evening. Locals said she was killed at the name of honor killing.

Every once in a while we got a distressing declaration of brutally murdered cases in the name of honour killing. After cruel murder of Qandeel Baloch, woman and men in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwan and other several district cases – yesterday at Sunday morning police found a dead body near Jamshoro district at Indus highway, brutally beaten and abandoned behind the bushes.

After investigation police has come to know that her name was Waziran, a twenty-four year married young girl, who was being killed in the hands of her in laws. They destroyed her face by extreme violence and beaten her to death.

Police said that Waziran’s father first declared that she was dead by an accident – However later on he has registered a FIR and present the husband and brother in law of deceased, as the assassinators.

Waziran’s husband declared that her father doesn’t want to marry her in their family and their own resistance and Waziran’s command, took their daughters life.

 A joint investigation team (JIT) has been drawn up to detect the incident and regard on the profess of honour killing. The culprits are under arrest and kept on under inspection.