Karachi Customs exceeds its expected revenue generation for June

Karachi Customs has reported an unexpected increase in its revenue generation, exceeding its revenue target for the month of June.

Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) of Appraisement and Facilitation-West Karachi reported a revenue generation of Rs 15.5 billion in custom duty charges in the Month of June.

According to officials, the department had set a revenue generation target of 12.87 billion for June, however it witnessed a 20 per cent hike taking the sum to Rs 15.5 billion.

The department collected a total sum of Rs 25.5 billion in total from various duties and charges including proper valuation, post release audit, auction of long-pending goods at ports, recovery of arrears and others, whereas Rs 3 billion were collected via administrative measures.

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MCC Collector Jamil Nasir hailed the efforts of the officers and the collectorate as a whole for its exceeding performance and surpassing its revenue target, especially during the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic repercussions.

It is to be noted that MCC of Appraisement and Facilitation-West Karachi generated Rs 99 billion in customs duty, with an overall sum of  Rs 235 billion in the 2019-20 fiscal year.