Karachi police set-up medical teams to test cops serving in Pandemic

Karachi police established medical teams to test officers posted in the metropolitan city amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Various medical teams comprising of eight healthcare staff, have been tasked by Karachi West Deputy Inspector General Asim Qaimkhani to test police officers posted in different localities in the city as part of the province-wide lockdown imposed by Sindh government.

Around 800 police officers have been tested so far, of which all of them have tested negative for the novel virus.

According to Mr Qaimkhani, apart from basic screening, the medical history of police officers is also being recorded and investigated. The medical staff conducting these screenings have been provided with essential personal protective gear (PPEs) to ensure their safety.

Government ambulances are standby, in-case any police tests positive for COVID-19, and the affected officer will be immediately shifted to a medical facility to further stop the virus spread.

Apart from healthcare workers, police officers have also been playing a key role in the fight against coronavirus. Thousands of police officers have been deployed across the country to ensure the implementation of social distancing measures and lockdown directives imposed by the government.

Earlier, a senior police officer in Mardan district, SP Operations – Waqar Azeem, had tested positive for the COVID-19.  Azeem was deputed in Manga Union Council in Mardan after the death of the country’s first coronavirus patient in the area.