Kashmir issue closely linked with regional peace, reiterates Pakistan

Pakistan has once again accentuated the significance of peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue terming it as an essential prerequisite for regional peace.

In a statement, Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson – Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri has reiterated that regional peace, security and development in South Asia is closely linked with the resolution of Kashmir issue.

The FO spokesperson underscored that Kashmir dispute remains central point to any meaningful engagement between India and Pakistan but unfortunately, India further complicated the Kashmir issue through its illegal and unilateral actions of 5th August 2019.

Both Pakistan and India need to discuss all outstanding issues, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute with a view to seek peaceful resolution of this longstanding dispute as per international legitimacy, said Chaudhri.

Pakistan has always maintained that the international community has an important role to play in averting risk to peace and stability in the region.

Expressing his views on any possible aggression from India, Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri reaffirmed that Pakistan is a peace-loving country, but at the same time it is resolutely resolved to defend itself against any misadventure.