Kashmir issue echoes in the security council of the United Nation

Pakistan’s efforts come true as the security council of the United Nations discussed the disputed Kashmir issue on Pakistan’s request.

According to the details, the Security Council discussed disputed Kashmir at Pakistan’s request on Wednesday for the third time since Modi led Hindu Nationalist of government of India decided to end the Muslim-majority region’s semi-autonomy a year ago.

Security council – the most power body is didn’t issue any statement after the virtual meeting held behind closed doors.

Nonetheless, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said afterwards holding the meeting signified “that Jammu and Kashmir is an international dispute firmly on the agenda of the Security Council and has nullified, yet another time, the Indian self-serving claim that it is an ‘internal matter’.”

Pertinent to mention that last year Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government stripped Indian-administered Kashmir’s statehood, scrapped its separate constitution and removed inherited protections on land and jobs.

But the government said the change was necessary to develop the disputed region and integrate it with the rest of India, but it infuriated many Kashmiris as well as neighbouring Pakistan.