Millions effected as WhatsApp went down for an hour

Widely used messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ went down for about an hour, leaving its millions of users in a dubious situation.

WhatsApp – the most popular and widely used messaging app with a total of more than 2 billion users, went down for about an hour on Tuesday night in certain countries, sending millions of its users in panic and uncertainty.

As per the reports, WhatsApp was down in Unite States, Brazil, Germany, India, UK, France, Netherlands, Lebanon, and various other Latin American and European countries as users were unable to send and receive messages.

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WhatsApp users reported that the application would still open, but a connecting loop was displayed while the service experienced issues.

According to WhatsApp an internal update made to our WhatsApp servers caused some people to have trouble sending messages.

“We quickly resolved this issue for everyone and we apologize for any inconvenience,” said WhatsApp officials.