Mishal Malik yearned International circle to accord its practical role for IOK

Mishaal Hussain Malik, a human rights activist and the wife of Kashmiri figurehead Yasin Malik – Tuesday forced the International Community to pay heed to predicament of the people illegitimate Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) – who has been animating under absolute locked down since August 5th.

Speaking to media, she looked back on the International community to tear its criminal silence and observe the grave human rights contravention in occupied Kashmir.

Mishaal Malik further criticized the Modi-led Indian authoritarian for its action of August 5, when it revoked Kashmir’s special rank and distributed it into two union dominions.

Mishaal declared that Kashmir valley had become “an open air jail” since its curfew and communication has been locked down – further added its time for the International community to play a feasible role for the people of occupied Kashmir.

She claimed that by distinguishing August 5th as Youm-e-Istehsal – Kashmiris would every now and then confirm their utter non-acceptance of the Indian rule and reassert oath to continue freeing movement until leading it to its rational interpretation.

She demonstrated her hope relating to the UN: as an accountable institution will come to the redemption of the oppressed people of occupied Kashmir and galvanize upon India to terminate its state terrorism in the occupied region.

A year has elapsed since the Indian atrocities and ill treatment in occupied Kashmir and the Kashmiris are passing through harsh times – living in a prison with traumatized rules.