MQM to present shadow budget

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Restoration Committee head Farooq Sattar announced on Wednesday that the party would present a shadow budget ahead of the announcement of the budget.

Addressing a presser in the Karachi Press Club, Farooq Sattar faulted the federal government over its “failure to address public issues.”

He also outlined some of his recommendations in connection with the budget, calling for the State Bank of Pakistan to keep the interest at six per cent, the restoration of railways, waste management initiatives, the completion of K-IV water project, the appointment of at least four Urdu-speaking persons in the Sindh Public Service Commission and the allocation of five per cent of the budget for the health sector and four per cent for the education sector.

Sattar insisted, refusing to “accept a budget devised by the International Monetary Fund” and said, “No matter how much loss we face, the autonomy of the country should not be compromised at any cost.”