Netizens in India trolled Modi for visiting hospital to nurse soldiers injured in Ladakh

After aggressive competition of India with their neighbor country China, in the Galwan valley of eastern Ladakh. Modi visited leh hospital with the labor force of army, air force and Indo Tibetan border police force to nursed Indian soldiers, who has been injured since the India/china clash.

When pictures of photoshoot of that meetup in the hospital got viral on twitter and digital media platforms representing the hospital halls with patients lying on simple beds, without any medical equipment’s – civilians started trolling Modi on the base of the photograph’s portrayed the environment.

They said that it isn’t looks like a hospital but totally a youth hostel because of the ambiance. Ashok Swain twitted at 3rd July 2020 quoting:

Btw is this really a hospital or a youth hostel? I have never seen a hospital only with beds without a single medical equipment.

Several people responded and re twitted on this post.

Meanwhile, a user mocked Indian government by sharing a meme that depicts, “Bahane mat kar jugar kar”.