Pakistan achieves UN climate goal 10 years before deadline

Pakistan has achieved a significant milestone by meeting United Nations Sustainable Development goal (SDG) 13, ten years before deadline.

According to details, Pakistan has achieved UN SDG 13 ten years ahead of its 2030 deadline. Malik Amin Aslam – Adviser to the Prime Minister on climate change, has stated that the country has successfully achieved SDG 13 which reflects the government’s commitment towards ensuring a green and healthy environment.

“With the achieving of the Climate Action SDG 13, Pakistan has proved that it is committed to global efforts against the challenge of climate change to protect life on planet earth, he noted.

The development comes as UN in September 2015 launched an initiative towards tackling climate change comprising of 17-SDGs as a guideline towards reducing carbon emissions and ensuring a sustainable healthy environment.

Malik Amin Aslam reiterated government’s resolve towards tackling climate change and highlighted the significance of 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Programme, Clean Green Pakistan Initiative, Clean Green Pakistan Index, Protected Areas Initiative, Eco-system Restoration Fund initiatives launched by the federal government for this purpose.

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 It is imperative to know that Pakistan is ranked fifth on ‘Climate Risk Index 2020’ – a German watchdog on climate change, making Pakistan one of the most affected countries by extreme weathers conditions due to global warming.